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Commandos Without Borders (CWB) is a not for profit organization working against global injustice.

We are professionals from international Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds that believe politics and inaction only facilitate crimes against humanity.

We want to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy that ties our hands and keeps us from doing the right thing.

We profess no politics, no religion, no racial or gender bias. We believe that all of humanity must stand together as one against unjust acts. Our non partisan beliefs are based on the the premise that human beings on this planet have more in common than in difference. It is our goal to build upon this belief and take direct meaningful action against injustice.

Our efforts are focused against the use of child soldiers, genocide, abduction and rape as weapons of war, and the illegal wildlife trade. 


Logistics and Training Support Group

CWB L&T Group are primarily focused on procurement of equipment and materials required to properly train and equip our comrades and colleagues on the front lines. Our veteran military and law enforcement members provide training on both the equipment and tactics required to ensure mission success. This group is working towards the establishment of standardized practices and equipment that bring modern technology and capabilities to the mission at hand.


Operational Support Group

CWB Ops Group, where authorized, bring direct skills application to a variety of challenges. Protection, patrol, interdiction, canine operations, aviation operations, UAV support, communications (command and control), intelligence collection and dissemination, intel analysis, covert and undercover operations. These are just some of the diverse and dynamic skill sets CWB members are able to provide for operational support. 




Only if we work together can we change the state of the world we live in. Everyone has a role, everyone is a stakeholder in the outcome. Think global....act local.


Donation of Goods

Corporate and manufacturer donations of equipment are the cornerstone of outfitting those on the front line. We are seeking everything from personal equipment (boots, uniforms, backpacks, etc) to operational equipment (communications, optics, thermal imaging devices). Acquiring technological hardware and software will be critical as we establish a secure private intelligence database to support global operations. Our intelligence operators and analysts require the technology to assist law enforcement and protective operations in host countries to have meaningful impact on the mission.


Financial Support

Corporate and personal financial contributions are welcomed. Access us through our website to make personal registered donations or contact us directly to make corporate financial donations. 


A Hero in Life, not in Death


Wayne Lotter was murdered for protecting the innocent. Assassinated in the back of a taxi in August of 2017, Wayne became another casualty in the war against the Illegal Wildlife trade. A former South African Park Ranger, former Vice President of the International Ranger Federation and a co-founder of the Practical Area Management System Foundation (PAMS) in Tanzania, Wayne was instrumental and made tremendous strides against poachers and the criminal organaizations that operate the illegal wildlife trade in Tanzania.

While returning from the airport Wayne's taxi was forced from the road. Two gunmen opened the back door where he was seated, they shot him point blank, murdering the unarmed husband and father of two daughters.

In Wayne's honor, CWB will deploy resources and personnel to Tanzania to send a clear message to those that prey upon the weak. For every Wayne Lotter you murder, 10 more will stand up in his place until the fight is finished. 

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